Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

We're a new brand that wants to get people talking. By looking to connect people with the social and environmental issues of contemporary culture, we want to inspire through design. So you not only wear what you love, but what you believe in.

We call this 'wearing your heart on your sleeve'.

That's why at Gung Ho, every garment has a hidden meaning within the print. The more you look the more you see.

With every purchase, we also donate on behalf of our customers to a charity that works close to the cause in question. 

Ethical Responsibility

Gung Ho is a sustainable business aware of its environmental responsibilities. All fabrics are 100% organic and use the best dyes and pigments possible. We also support small local British business. Our garments are hand made in London, whilst our fabric printing is split between London and Worcestershire.

Sophie Dunster - Founder

Sophie Dunster is a London based designer who is highly passionate about animals and the environment. Having been raised living a zero carbon lifestyle, Sophie is driven to connect and inspire others with the natural beauty of the world. Through her work, Sophie’s desire is to create a bridge between design and the fundamental environmental issues that lie at the heart of contemporary culture. From 100% organic fabric to printing and manufacturing in the UK, everything Sophie produces has this ethos at its heart.