"Sophie Dunster founded Gung Ho Design in her studio on the banks of the Thames in South London.  Her goal is to change the world through creativity, and her collection of women’s clothing is set to do just that.  If it weren’t enough that the garments are made of organic cotton and both hand-printed and handmade in the UK, each piece also highlights an important environmental cause. Each purchase includes a donation to a charity relevant to the animal depicted and the buyer gets a small booklet about the cause. Sophie believes that it’s her fashion-centric approach that seduces shoppers; with customers coming to Gung Ho Designs for the aesthetics first, then the ethics." 


Perfect for a summer evening out, this gorgeous dress is from the new collection that will be produced with the help of funds from the recently launched Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. As with the existing collection, with every purchase a donation is made to a relevant charity.

To support the Gung Ho Kickstarter campaign that went live yesterday for 30 days, please visit –
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1234783510/gung-ho-design-ethical-fashion-that-means-more  To see more stylish and meaningful designs from the current collection, please visit – www.gung-ho-design.com




"In my past life I wanted to be a botanist and trek the jungles of Central America, discovering plants with medicinal properties...until I actually went out in the jungle and did field work, and realized that I'm not that kind of outdoorsy person! The love for botany remains, which is why I fell in love with Gung Ho designs. I'll let Sophie explain (click on video below): http://kck.st/2sipoE5

Each design comes with a talking point, so next time people tell you how beautiful you look you can also tell them about the story and the environmental cause behind the print. This is Sophie's third collection, but it's the biggest one to date. Support this project by clicking the button below! "


"I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Gung Ho Design have created the whimsical collection of my dreams. And beyond that their founder, Sophie Dunster, may just be my new favourite person.

Oftentimes the minimal aesthetic reigns supreme in the world of ethical fashion. I like that, I do; I’m often banging on about simplicity and versatility, a belief motivated by practicality but also somewhat beaten into me after years of seeing overpriced and poorly executed prints in the fast fashion world. Gung Ho have something different. Their designs are high quality, sophisticated and full of meaning, but their pieces are still versatile too.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been complimented on a dress when all I can say in response is ‘thanks, it has pockets!’ Now imagine the conversation if my reply is ‘thanks, the pattern was actually inspired by the bee crisis, and a portion of the money I paid for it went directly to conservation charities working to tackle this problem. Oh, and it also has pockets!’ Better, right? And as well as the donations, Gung Ho also provides each customer with a ‘Talking Point’ – a minizine that gives you a few key facts and more information on the issue at hand, so you can be even more clued up when spreading the sustainability message."

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