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Signature Bee

Signature Bee

Food depends on pollination. And for that, we need bees.

This print is all about supporting wild bees by growing your own pollinator-friendly plants. The design heroes this remarkable insect alongside gardening tools and the plants you can grow to help them thrive. 

In order to continue producing food for the world’s growing population we need insect pollination. It is estimated that ⅓ of all food is pollination dependent but, according to global monitoring data, there has been a 45% decline in insect populations over the past 40 years. The widespread use of chemical pesticides, wild habitat destruction and changes in crops being grown are the chief contributors to this decline. 

Without natural pollinators, it would cost farmers at least £1.8 billion a year to hand pollinate crops. Wild bees are among the most important because they are capable of pollinating on a much larger scale than other insects.

We can support them by providing more pollinator-friendly habitats - areas that offer the diverse food sources they need for a healthy diet. This is not about simply keeping honeybees, but about providing a wealth of nectar and pollen for a wide range of bee species. After all, in the UK alone we have lost 97% of wildflower meadows since the 1930’s.

By purchasing this print, you are supporting charity organisations that run projects to improve biodiversity and support increasing wild bee populations - thank you!

You can also get involved at home by providing the right plants for these incredible insects. The top 5 recommended bee attracting plants are Viper’s Bugloss, Foxgloves, Lavender, Beans, and Crocus. 

Small, everyday choices also make a difference - consider buying local and organic produce. This supports those farmers who are taking the time and care to grow their crops without chemicals that harm insects - and it’s much better for your health too!

Talk about it. Word of mouth is powerful, so the next time someone compliments your Gung Ho print, tell them all about how precious our insects are.