Gung Ho London Beach Clean

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder we look back at the gorgeous summer that passed and reflect on how fabulous our beach cleans were. We made a short film of one of them so you can have an insight into what we got up to.

We all know the drastic effects that plastic pollution is having on the environment, and although it is the everyday changes that make a big difference, it feels very rewarding to go and pick up some of the stuff that is already out there!

We believe that when we pick a cause to champion it goes beyond just donating back to a given charity. We want to help people immerse themselves in the issue and really connect with what is going on. This time we co-ordinated with Veolia who is the boroughs recycling firm, as lets face it you can’t get a group of people together to collect a large amount of litter, and then not have anywhere to put it…

A firm highlight was the hilarious (and bloody smart) Sara Pascoe joining in too. Please do share around, and due to popular demand as soon as the weather is a little more predictable we will start them up again - we're aiming for February. 

We have found these events to be incredibly inspiring, with a variety of age and gender all getting involved. Gung Ho has really started to find its community and movement and we will always host a social after these events for everyone to grab a drink and mingle with other like minded wonder peeps… After all you all share a hell of a lot in common if you’re coming to a beach clean on your weekend!

If you’d like to join us, keep in touch via our mailing list, where we will be sending out the dates and times. We’ll have the litter pickers, the bags, all you need to bring is yourself! (Big shout out to Veolia for providing this equipment for us).

We are already looking forward to getting stuck back in, hope to see you there!

Sophie Dunster