Gung Ho(e)s - More than just a pretty face. 

We know that all our Gung Ho gals out there are more than just a pretty face. They've got something to say, and they wear what they believe in. 

Since Gung Ho is all about striking up conversation about important issues, we have decided that the people behind our pictures should be the people who make those conversations happen. So from now on that's a promise - Gung Ho will only be working with real, badass gals with something to say. After all there are so many fabulous ones out there!  

First up is the incredible Sara Morel, AKA @reclaimedwoman. Sara is not only a mega babe but an advocate for sustainable living/fashion, and examining the choices we make and the impact that follows. 

Sara selected her favourite pieces of our Plastic Oceans collection and styled them with her existing wardrobe - doesn't she look incredible?

We caught up with Sara and picked her brain…

Sara, everyone's goals are different when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle - how would you describe your personal mission?

I dress for the world I want - whether that’s dressing myself or my home. My mission is to take my goals beyond what I can personally achieve with my own lifestyle choices. That’s the 2019 plan..

What are your pet hates when it comes to plastic? 

Bananas wrapped in plastic. Mother nature already has us covered; it’s a fruit that comes with its own natural biodegradable packaging.

What changes have you made that have been easier than you originally thought?

I recently switched to plastic-free shampoo cubes. This sounds strange, but my hair has never felt cleaner and it doesn’t dry out your ends. 

You attended one of our London Beach Cleans, was there anything that stood out to you?

Other than the copious amount of cotton buds (we could have built a raft) - it made me reflect on what future generations will think of us.  The Thames is a rich archeological site with evidence of ancestors buried within the sand, such as beautiful pieces of broken pottery.  If we’re not careful, we will be remembered for cotton buds.

You have an incredible personal style, what influences you the most/do you have any style icons?

My friends, David Bowie for his taste in furniture, fashion, art… and Meg Ryan circa 1989.

If Gung Ho designed a collection specifically for your biggest passion, what would the cause be?

My passion is reuse. There is a big push for recycling but not enough love for the creative, planet friendly possibilities of reuse.  Also the decline of hedgehogs by 40% in the last decade )-: Who doesn’t want to see a Gung Ho hedgehog?   

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