Food For Thought (Sneak Peek)

As we fast approach our official launch night on 22nd February at the beyond beautiful Plant Hub, we thought we’d share just how fabulous our Food For Thought preview night was. Check out the fashion presentation and find out what’s new for Gung Ho in 2019!

The way we see it, whenever we pick a different cause, we pick a whole new bunch of inspirational people connected to that issue to collaborate with. We want to immerse ourselves with these badass pioneers, share what they do & inspire a whole load of new people. 

That’s why at Gung Ho, events and community projects are so important to us. We’ve found that instead of becoming overwhelmed with an issue it is much better to find new ways of engaging people on a much more positive note - and it just so happens that people actually really like good food and drinks. 

Partnering up with some truly inspirational food pioneers, this definitely was a night to remember. 

Mr Lyan, aka the sustainable cocktail man / Best Bar In The World 2018, supplied the drinks. If you have never heard of them, get yourself to one of their bars as fast as you can. They are beyond delicious (as well as feeling guilt free).

Oddbox, the wonky veg saviours provided the gorgeous fruit and veg for Elysia Catering, who cheffed up a masterpiece. (They work with local artisans within the rescued food movement). If you work in London and need food delivered, Elysia Catering are the ones to call, you wont be disappointed.

It’s also worth noting that Oddbox work directly with farmers, taking the produce rejected by supermarkets & deliver straight to your home. We do it, the produce is so tasty and not to mention convenient, and very reasonably priced (sign up!).

Grow, the sustainable bar & kitchen, was our home for the night – and definitely a place to put on your map. Community orientated, and with their own local art studios, they are a positive haven in busy old London, with gigs, food and all round good vibes. 

The event itself was not just tasting and drinking the cause, we held a panel ranging from farm to consumer - covering many different angles and problems in the industry. We were lucky enough to have Ryan (founder of Mr Lyan, Emilie (co-founder of Oddbox), Sophie (founder of Elysia Catering), Reuben (co-founder of Grow) and Kate Arnell (zero waste blogger) on board. It was incredibly refreshing to connect with each of these sectors and come out really feeling like you can make a difference. 

Lastly, we gathered some of the most inspirational people we know to for a fashion presentation of the collection, whilst Mara (the world’s most beautiful voice) sang lyrics about the cause.

You can hear Mara’s genius in the video below. You may have seen we decided a while ago not to use models. We know too many badass women who have something to say, and we are beyond proud that they classify themselves as Gung Hoes. 

We would like to say a special shout out to: Mara (the beautiful singer & songwriter), Nicola (VM), Sara (Reclaimed Woman), Kate (The Keep), Alix Fox (Presenter), Molly (Actress), Katherine (KAB Jewellery), Abbie (Compare Ethics), Millie (ADAY), Maria (Maari Porto Cervo Swimwear), Charlotte (Chalk Designs), V (V for Verginia), Lauren (Actress) and Steph & Becs (LDC). 

For our Food For Thought launch we are taking this one step further and getting inspirational chefs and foodies in the industry to model and chef up a storm!

If a picture is a thousand words, this video says it all. Have a watch, and if you would like to join us for our Food For Thought launch, ticket links are below:

Food For Thought Launch Party

Gung Ho X Plant Hub Supper Club