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This week’s bad ass foodie babe is Freya Twigden, the founder of FIX8 Kombucha! Freya served up her kombucha at our Gung Ho x Plant Hub Launch whilst modelling our Wonky Blouse. She is obsessed with kombucha, and quite rightly so! Kombucha gives you a natural buzz, and an incredible taste. Having travelled extensively in search of different fermentation methods, and tastes, Freya is an expert on all things fermenting! This gal even comes with FREYA'S FERMENTED FIX, an exclusive guide to London’s most buzzing ferment destinations - from sourdough bakeries to natural wine bars - you can sign up on their website.

One of the things we love about Fix8 is their positive brand personality. In an age of negative addiction – from social media to shopping to sugar – our souls seek something better. Fix8’s mission is to craft quality kombucha with substance, focusing on sophisticated tastes and healthful benefits. They are also a really transparent and caring brand, which we find instantly refreshing too!

Hand-crafted and natural, FIX8 is made with medicinal grade herbs, spices and flowers meaning every bottle is filled with goodness!  Available in 3 flavours - Citrus Saffron, Triple Ginger and Strawberry Tulsi, FIX8 Kombucha is also available on tap at the Wave Cafe in London!

To learn more about the brains behind the ‘booch, we caught up with Freya...

What is something you wish people knew about kombucha?

It’s nothing new! Kombucha has been around for yonks - before soda even existed… which is something I love so much about it. We’re not trying to sell a new fad, superfood or make something out of nothing. We’re simply bringing an age-old drink to the modern market with exotic flavours that intrigue and excite the sophisticated tastebuds of today. A complex drink for an inner buzz.

Can you ferment your own kombucha at home?

Absolutely! I always suggest people try making it at home to experience how it’s made and get connected to what the heck they’re drinking. We’re so used to picking products up off shelves with no understanding of what’s really inside the bottle, can or jar. It’s fun and interesting to make kombucha at home, just takes a little creativity, time and patience. I’ll be teaching more kombucha home brewing workshops in London for those wanting to learn… so stay tuned!

Your thirst for knowledge has taken you travelling from Bali to California - where did you find the most influential when it came to making your own kombucha?

Oooo that’s a goody. Everywhere i’ve been has embellished my understanding and appreciation of kombucha - from the most local to most commercial brewer i’ve met! I suppose i’m constantly inspired by drinking and experiencing kombucha’s in different places, but also the culture within which they exist. I found the culture of kombucha in Portland (Oregon) particularly inspiring, they even have a kombucha speakeasy bar which serves ONLY kombucha on tap underground. Pretty cool. It’s just considered normal to be drinking kombucha over there, not a wierd / trendy / hippy drink only available at Wholefoods, but just a quality drink that sits on the shelf next to craft beer and soda in any shop. One day I imagine it to be like that in London too.

Who acted as your guinea pigs when you were initially trialing your kombucha recipes?

My family/friends were forced to drink a lot of my first few brews… and to make good kombucha you’ve gotta learn to make some bad stuff too! - I think I put them off at first! I was living with my parents at the time when I turned our small London flat into my kombucha microbrewery… much to their disgrace! I was also lucky enough to trial out my recipes and flavours in a cafe I was working at the time in Camden, so I could get direct feedback from customer’s purchasing it there.

If Gung Ho designed a collection championing a cause of your choice, what would that cause be?

Oh golly, there’s a million things I want to touch on! Consumerism and waste is something i’m thinking about a lot at the moment. I was lucky enough to be in India recently, and absolutely amazed by the pollution in small local villages - not just the big cities! Water streams blocked with bottles, sacred forts littered, waste all over the streets… and then eaten up by the cows roaming around. I think we’re waking up to the amount of single use plastic and waste emerging, but education is king and this needs to be a global responsibility. We simply consume too much, and it’s not necessary. Less is more!

At our Food For Thought launch with Plant Hub, you served 3 flavours of kombucha, whats your favourite way to serve it?

I loved the mix up we did with our Citrus Saffron flavour. This is our raw original kombucha infused with tangerine oil, orange blossom, cardamom and saffron. We served it over ice with Spiced Seedlip, Cascara and a Lime twist. The recipe was the brainchild of a good friend so creds to him here!

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