Moko - Something F-ish(y)

Moko Sellars is the founder and idea woman behind 10 Cable St, a multifunctional vegan event space focusing on sustainable lifestyle. In a restored pub in the heart of East London, she curates events ranging from vegan supper clubs to vegan cheese making. Moko has now launched a new vegan fish and seafood brand F-ish to try and offer alternative to fellow ex-fish lovers and people who are trying to cut down on eating fish for health or sustainability reasons. We couldn't be more excited by this, the taste is incredible, producing smoked salmon out of smoked carrots is simply mind blowing.

Moko is pictured in our Protein "where you get your protein from if you don't eat meat" co ord set with matching top and skirt, doesn't she look incredible?! We love the versatility of wearing the top, skirt or matching set for special occasions - and tasting Moko's food was definitely one of those.

It is inspirational to be a female chef in a male dominated industry, let alone an entrepreneur, which is why Moko is one hell of a lady to catch up with...

What inspired you to open 10 Cable St and why a restored pub?

Actually, before 10 Cable St became what it is today it was our home. We’ve actually been living there above the venue since 2012 when we fell in love with the converted pub. 

My background is in design, and at that time I was making ceramic jewellery which created bit of a mess - I used to have a big garden shed which actually looked a bit like a beach hut inside the studio (now the venue) where I did the messy work. The whole room used to have slight grey plastered walls but we decided to do it all up in 2016, knocked the walls down and turned it in to how it looks today. 

At that time I became vegan and suddenly making Jewellery / doing the design stuff didn’t seem that important any more. I became a little ‘obsessed’ with veganism and just had to do something surrounding it! I used to love eating out but felt like suddenly I didn’t have much choice anymore and the choices that were there wasn’t exciting me. I always loved hosting people so I thought, I’ll open this space up, find people who are making really tasty vegan foods and start doing supper clubs together. Show people that vegan food can be exciting whilst also giving fellow Vegans somewhere nice and fun to go to. 

I started with one event a month, then two and at one point we had 8 events in 10 days! 

What are some of the first stages to giving our food more thought?

Definitely try and buy things that are grown locally, and buy from local brands… There are more and more food/drink producers in London and the UK - we should be supporting them. I was in a restaurant the other day and ordered a kombucha, there are soooo many good British kombucha brands and what I got served was one that was made in Australia! I mean it doesn’t make sense to me. 

What is your favourite dish?

I can’t think of a favourite dish now but I’ve become obsessed with Tempeh this past year and I think you will see so much more of this around in restaurants this year. It's so good for you and delish. Must try if you haven't already! 

You recently launched F-ish as a vegan alternative to seafood, what on earth made you dream up turning carrots into F-ish?

Oh, I can't take credit for inventing the carrot salmon. There are hundreds of different recipes on line which I experimented with few years back. I loved it so much that I started serving it at the vegan cheese + wine nights I host at 10 Cable St. People loved it! 

I’ve been serving it for over year and a half now and in September I suddenly thought, ‘I’m going to make it into a product!’. Having a product + packaging design back ground I was able to move on it pretty quickly and launched it couple of months after just in time for Christmas!

I find it fascinating what you can do with vegetables and I’ve also experimented with making 'Raw tuna' using Watermelon. I hope to stick to just using veggies and natural ingredients for all my future products…

Who is an inspiration to you/ what do they do?

My 4 year old son Lemmy. 

Kids are so straight forward and say it like it is. It's really refreshing and I’m trying to learn to be more like that. He inspires me to be better, do good things and be kinder and not to give up (and to spend less time on my phone) so thanks cheeky monkey! 

You are a woman of many hats and dreams, what do you have in-store for the future?

Oh maybe cut down on the hats and concentrate on one thing would be nice! Would make life much simpler wouldn’t it! 

The thing is, having your own brand/company does require you to wear many hats and I’d like to now use all those skills and make F-ish into something I’m proud of.

Without sounding cheesy (vegan cheesy), my aim with everything I do is to do my bit to help save the world and help people become more aware about what is really happening and how urgently we need to take action. There was a report published last year that said we only have 12 years to stop climate change catastrophe. What!!

I would love to collaborate with other brands with this same goal to make this process a little faster. It will be great if others would join me on this journey and be part of the gang that tried to do something about it. We are all in this together!

Find out more about the fabulous 10 Cable St and F-ish.

Sophie Dunster