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Same cause, different 'Talking Points'

Dishing up style

Ditch the idea of monochrome, terracotta and earthy pieces when it comes to sustainable fashion - lets face it it's not for everyone. We firmly believe that people with passion are drawn to colour and a love of life, so our pieces are designed exactly for that - without compromising on style or ethics.

Zero Waste

We try and use up as much of our offcuts as possible so there's little to no waste. Check out our new range of neck scarfs and scrunchies. All 100% individual, 100% style.


Designed to live your best life

To avoid excess manufacturing and wastage we offer our garments in two sizes, XS/S (6, 8, 10) and M/L (12, 14, 16). The way the garments have been designed utilises the width of the fabric as well as fitting perfectly to the body and working with the flowing nature of the fabric. This allows the garments to be more versatile and adapt to your lifestyle. Print placement will vary by garment due to the size of the repeat, and to ensure we make the most out of the fabric. Our embroidered sweatshirts range from XS to XL, sizing normally.

"I was first drawn to Gung Ho by the incredible designs and colours. Then, I learned about the environmental cause behind each of pieces, surely it's too good to be true?"


"As a 6 foot tall gal with boobs and booty I was sure the catch would be that the size ranges would not encompass me... but lo and behold, not only do they fit me but they are flattering!  Truly the best wardrobe investments I have ever made!"


"The brand creates such wonderfully fun prints that feel amazing to wear, but the causes they support do so much good by educating the public and donating to topically related organisations. Definitely not your typical sustainable brand.” 


Behind the scenes: London production